Barbara and Tim Boyer, Former TCIS Teachers and Current SAS (Shanghai American School) Teachers

I have known Dr. Alex for over 20 years…first as a student, then friend, and now as our family dentist.? As a student, Alex was a delight to teach. ?Eager to learn, good-natured, a cooperative learner,?and an encourager to his fellow students, are just a few of the attributes that described him as a high school student.? Tim and I thought so much of Alex as our student, that we asked him to be in wedding, so that he is forever a part of our family history.? I am so proud for Alex for his success.? It is well earned!

We are so blessed to have found Dr. Sheila.? Both of our children have benefitted from her professional care.?? Our son has extensive orthodontic issues from his repaired cleft palate.? Dr. Sheila continues to monitor and make changes as he grows. She also collaborates with our Cranial Facial Team in the US.? We are so grateful to have found the expertise that Dr. Sheila provides.?

Peter, Trisha, Gemma and Henry Sykes, USA

The cheerful and friendly personalities of Dr. Alex Chou and his wife Dr. Sheila So make every visit a pleasure. It's not often you can say that about a visit to the dentist!  We have had a variety of treatments performed and our experiences have been continuously outstanding.

Greg Dotzenko, USA

Dr. Alex and his staff are professional and the care and kindness go far beyond anything expected.

Lauren Cowen, USA

As someone who has a innate fear of going to the dentist (we’re talking xanax + just to get through the door!), I can’t recommend Dr. Alex Chou highly enough.  He is patient, empathetic, and caring.  I still fear going to the dentist but at least feel safe in his hands.  I have had a dental implant, crowns, and fillings done – all with no problems.

Emily Leipold, USA

Thank you for making my smile brighter and even more beautiful!  Dr. Alex is an awesome dentist with an absolutely fabulous bedside manner.  I will continue to recommend you to others… even from afar.

Terri and Stuart Thomson, UK

What can I say?  Dr. Alex and Dr. Sheila are amazing!  We have been 110% overwhelmed with your dentistry and your kindness.

Julia Steele, USA

Dr. Alex and Dr. Sheila are so friendly and make you feel right at home.  Even more, they are great at what they do!  I have already recommended them to my friends.

Marie Williams, USA

Dr. Alex and Dr. Sheila really made me SMILE for the first time in my adulthood.  Thank you so much for your positivity and professionalism!

Angela McKeown, USA

Dear Dr. Alex, It has been so great to meet a grad of TCIS!   It was always fun to catch up on Korea each time I came for a check up!  Thanks so much for your kind and friendly care.  Your office and staff are wonderful and very skilled!

Riccardo Bulgarelli, Italy

Thank you Sheila and Alex, the best doctors in the world!  You have been very patient with me and especially nice.  It’s the first time that I was glad to come to the dentist every month, because you’re very pleasant to talk to.  Good job, after just 15 months I can start again to put my photos on facebook!

Mary Anne Hickey, USA

Not many people can say they actually look forward to going to the dentist.  But after a lifelong fear of dental visits, I can truly say my anxiety was relieved by Dr. Alex and his staff.  I think it is the casual but professional atmosphere that puts you at ease.  After years of a disaster of a mouth, Dr. Alex gave me a beautiful new smile.  I couldn’t be happier!  Thank you Dr. Alex!

The Sugerman Family, USA

Sheila and Alex, Thank you SO much for all the great care and attention you gave our family.  We will miss you!

Julien Chien, USA

Though getting braces was not the most comfortable thing to do, Dr. Sheila made it a somewhat enjoyable experience, which I understand is a hard thing to do.   Thank you very much!

Genevieve Barrons, Canada

As a child, I hated going to the dentist. The dentist my family went to was extremely strict and made you feel like not flossing for a day was akin to murder. I dreaded going to the dentist for days before the appointment.

Visiting Dr. Alex is a completely different experience. ?He has an extremely measured approach to dentistry and goes out of his way to explain what is happening and make you feel comfortable. ?He is also very conservative in his approach, weighing all the options and choosing the one that is really best for you, rather than the one that is fastest or most invasive. ?For example, when I needed to have my wisdom teeth out I was extremely apprehensive. Friends I knew in Canada had not been able to eat solid foods or go back to work for several days after having their wisdom teeth removed, and had suffered from pretty severe swelling.? Dr. Alex just laughed when I told him this. ?Sure enough, the surgery was no big deal. He explained exactly what was going on and why. ?I had relatively little pain and was eating solid foods the next day.?

Finally, the staff is so friendly.? Not only does Dr. Alex seem to remember each and every one of his patients by name, the reception staff also greets you and makes you feel at home.? They are all extremely accommodating, and make going to the dentist a much less painful experience.?


A very professional and customer-centric dental clinic.  Always taking their patients’ interest in the forefront.

E. Degussa

I feel comfortable here.  Dr. Alex Chou transmits a trust, that the patient feels himself safe, so he believes he will be in good hands! 

Jeffrey R. Schuartz

Dr. Chou – It was a great experience. Very professional, first class dental care!!!

Sandra O’Shaughnessy, USA

What can I say about a person who changes your life?  Dr. Alex will forever be in my heart. He not only changed my outer smile, but my inner one too.  I held off going to the dentist for many years, until I could wait no longer. After meeting Dr. Alex and his team of angels, my anxieties vanished.  He is so gentle and kind and explains everything thoroughly.  My results are awesome and it is no coincidence.  Dr. Alex is an artist and perfectionist. He is on top of the latest technology and procedures and never stops learning the latest techniques.  I haven’t stopped smiling since I left his office. “Dr. Alex, you are a remarkable doctor with a big heart.” Please accept my most sincere thanks.

Capt. A. Curtis Goldtrap II

It is important in my profession to be able to smile openly. Dr. Alex helped me to achieve the terrific smile I needed.? They are very proficient in their abilities and the proof are my results. From the orthodontic work by Dr. So to the veneers and implants I received from Dr. Alex, I can smile with confidence. ??When I look in the mirror, I have to look again because I just cannot believe my teeth can look so wonderful and natural. ?From the friendly faces of Katherine (Hygienist) to Dr. Alex’s energetic and funny personality, you feel like part of the family, rather than a patient. ?My family and I have been fortunate to be placed in such wonderful hands.?

Results= Awesome Making Friends= Priceless?

Kimberly H Smith, USA

I and my entire family have had the fortune of being a patient of Dr. Alex Chou at some time or another; and no matter how small or extensive our dental needs have been, each visit is taken with perfection, kindness and caring.  From the moment you walk into the clinic, you feel at ease by the calming atmosphere and warm and friendly staff.  There are simply no people any better at what they do then these guys anywhere on earth. And that is straight from the patient's mouth.